The Ghost Hunters - Neil  Spring

In my last post I spoke about Borley being one of the places I would love to visit.

Unfortunately the Rectory doesn't exist any more, but the Church is still experiencing unexplained phenomena to this day.

Who knows perhaps one day I will finally get there?

Last night I finished reading Neil Spring's debut novel "The Ghost Hunter's" all about Borley and it's investigation by Harry Price.

Now Borley was called "the most haunted house in Britain" at the time, although no one knows for sure just what happened.

Harry Price was the "psychic detective," a man who set out to prove that mediums were frauds and the after life doesn't exist; and apparently ended up a believer.

Neil Spring cleverly weaves real events with fictional ones, which makes this book into something more than your traditional haunted house story.

I find the book to be an interesting new take on Price and Borley and recommend it to anyone interested in either.

What do I believe about Borley and the part Harry Price played?

First to Price.

The man was an enigma at the time, although since then a shadow has been cast over his investigation of the Rectory, and it has been dismissed as a hoax.

Did he pull off all the phenomena himself? The only person who knows the answer to that is Harry Price himself, and since he died in the 40's I think it's safe to say he took the secret to the grave.

And just what about Borley?

Well the reports of a nun being seen go back to 1900 I do believe, so they were circulating long before Price was called in by a national paper to investigate.

As to the identity of who the nun was we may never know.

At the end of his book Neil Spring reports that in 2004 I think it was, work was carried out close to where the Rectory had stood.

During this time the remains of a woman were found buried.

Is this just a weird coincidence?

Not to me it isn't, when you think of the messages that were reportedly written by an unseen hand on the walls of the  Rectory.

So yes, I do believe that something supernatural did happen at Borley over a period of time and has continued at the Church to the present day.

When it comes to Harry Price, I'm afraid the jury is out!