One question I believe author's get asked a lot is what made you want to become a writer.

Well I don't know why other people write but I can tell you why I decided I would finally do it.

From an early age there were three things that I loved:



and the Paranormal.

I learnt to read when I was small, in fact I do believe I was able to read before I could walk.

From that day on I've loved to sit down with a book and lose myself in it completely for a little while.

To me it is one of the greatest pleasures anyone can have, and it helps me to relax at the end of a busy day.

As for the writing that came a little while later.

I take after my late father as I am left handed. My late mother was right handed.

This did cause my poor mum some problems because of the way I held a pencil or pen but eventually I got there.

I remember my big clumsy block letters, that I finally was able to turn into words and sentences. And then of course I had to learn how to do joined up writing which I don't believe caused me too many difficulties.

While all this was going on I began writing short stories which by all accounts weren't to bad.

As for the paranormal that was something that has always interested me and something I have read about over the years. Borley is one place in particular that I would still love to visit, and the day spent in Pluckley was very interesting to say the least.

But more about my personal paranormal experiences another time.

Eventually I did some freelance journalism, but like everyone else, life changes happened and I was unable to carry on.

Then last year I knew I had a story I wanted to tell and I just had to get it out there.

Actually I have more than one, but I'll talk about that another time as well.

I looked around at my self-publishing options, and found one I was pleased with, and then I started work on The Haunting of Dove Cote House.

Now a lot of people would think I'm starting my writing career late as I turned 50 last year, but I don't.

I have three passions as I said, and now I am able to combine my love for writing and the paranormal. Hopefully this will result in a book I would love to read myself and appeals to others too.

Who could ask for anything more?