Someone once said that everyone has a book inside them.

Which begs the question if that is true why doesn't everyone find the time to sit down and right?

Perhaps time is one of the main reasons why. People hold down regular jobs which can put them under stress enabling them to not have any time.

You also have to consider a person's private life.

Then of course if you do find the time to write your book, there is the job of finding an agent and also a publisher.

Then there is confidence, and wondering if anyone will even bother to buy the thing you have invested so much time over.

In this day and age that is very hard to do with so many aspiring authors looking for the same thing.

But I believe if you can find the time to sit and write, even if it's only a page a day because of your circumstances, that book that is inside you can get out there.

Thankfully these days if you decide to be an independent author you have a number of self-publishing options. There are people who genuinely want to support new authors get their books out there and will do all they can to help.

Some do the work for free and only take a cut of your sales, so there is no need to worry about financing your project.

There are sites which let you sign up free to promote both yourself as an author and your book..

You will also find sites who only take an initial fee, or a yearly one depending what service you sign up to which will help you get word out about your novel.

It is possible to find someone who will set up a virtual book tour for you and these don't have to prove expensive.

So perhaps if more people who trying believe that they can find the time to give their book a chance to see day light, more new authors will start turning up.

Just know that if you look hard enough you will always find a way to make your dream come true.